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Gee June Bridal: A bridal boutique for the Travelers, Artists, Romantics, Lovers, and Poets!  

Gee June Bridal is a full service bridal boutique in Skaneateles, New York! Gee June Bridal houses custom made gowns, curated vintage pieces, Designer gowns, bridal separates, veils, shoes, and adornments. Our store has been set showroom style and our gallery of handpicked dresses & specialty pieces represents the modern woman who is romantic, nostalgic, and poetic!

In curating our house, choosing our products, selecting our designers, and handcrafting our wears we define our aesthetic through developed themes of passion and prestige.  Steeped in emotional design our philosophy is: Romance, Nostalgia, & Poetry in Cloth. 


our intention

We’re either the whole painting or the entire canvas.

In curating our house we design and curate collections that meld an East meets West feeling.

Our aesthetic is both artisanal and modern. We are Timeless: Romance (adventure), Nostalgia (sentiment), Poetry in Cloth (simplicity).

We approach design manufacturing and sewing from the East: Tradition, old world ways of making quality garments and fabrics from hand and machine.  We approach design from the West: Enlightenment, modernity; An appreciation for new technology, silhouettes, and fabrics for wear.

In curating Gee June we chose Designers, who like us, have lived in both urban and suburban areas and have swapped the East coast for the Pacific or vice versa, and who strive to make product that is made & designed in the U.S.A. and abroad by skilled artisans and craftsman.  

We prioritize authenticity.  The pieces picked and designed for and by Gee June Bridal are eclectic, sentimental, and fluid. 


our roots

Nostalgia, Romance, Poetry in Cloth made by a Designer, Couturier and Craftsman in the Finger Lakes.

Gee June was created by a Designer to focus on the craft of dress making and fine sewing. Using old and new world sewing techniques suited to the lady and her story: Who she is, who she was, and who she will be matter.  The details, the labors of handwork and the feel of it’s fabric are what personifies a gown, veil, headpiece or adornment’s personality as inspired by the lady who commissions it.  


our story

Gee June Bridal originally began, in 2010, as a Designer’s pursuit to personify bridal wear.  In the beginning the climb was slow and steady. Gee June was a ‘side gig’ in what we now understand to have been ‘Gig Nation.’  As most Millennial’s, Gee June began because a college graduate (after having lived and worked in Fashion from NYC to LA) with dual degrees in Apparel and Textiles needed work.  In 2008, jobs were scarce.  In 2009, jobs were liquidated.  In 2010, jobs seemed to not exist. To stay employed: Gee June began as an idea that if it took off would make for a nice career; otherwise, it would be a band-aide to keep a Designer’s portfolio going and relevant, when the main gig might have been Serving (or Retail, Sales, Banking, Stocking, Cleaning, or a combination of three to four at a time) through the ‘Great Millennial Hiring Freeze.’    


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